How much money can I have and still live at Saratoga Tower? PDF Print E-mail

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The answer is probably more than you think!

For a single person, the maximum income for admission is $44,650.00.  For a couple, the maximum income for admission is $51,000.00.

If you have assets, such as a house, we will count 1.7% of the value of the asset as income.  For example, you own a home that is worth $100,000.00.  We will count $1,700.00 of that worth as income to your household.

Please note that for those 62 or older, we also give a credit for unreimbursed medical expenses.  This credit may help to lower your income and make you eligible to live in Saratoga Tower.

Please feel free to contact us if you have specific questions.  And remember, there are other eligibility criteria and preferences which may effect your ability to live at Saratoga Tower.  See more in this section for details.