City Approves $10,000.00 grant for pumps PDF Print E-mail

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By Christina Chapman - Herald Correspondent During a time when everyone could use a little help, the city of Morris is doing its part to help the residents of Saratoga Tower.

The city council approved Monday giving Saratoga Tower a $10,000 grant to help pay for the replacement of two potable water pumps.

The last time pumps were put in the tower was in 1975, said City Engineer Warren Olson. It is estimated the pumps will cost $15,000, not including plumbing and hook ups. Saratoga Tower administration is seeking to acquire the remaining funds from other entities.

“One of the hallmarks of any community is how it cares for its most vulnerable,” said Brent Newman, chief executive officer of the Grundy County Housing Authority, in an e-mail. “We are very grateful to Morris City Council and Mayor Dick Kopczick for their leadership in helping to care for the elderly and disabled residents who live at Saratoga Tower.”

The grant money comes from the city’s general fund, said Alderman Duane Wolfe.

“The city looked into assisting Saratoga Tower because it is in the city of Morris and we want to help out our citizens,” said Mayor Kopczick.