Policies and Forms

Listed in the folder above you will find current policies established by our Board of Commissioners, as well as forms frequently used by our staff. Just click on the folder to see these documents.  We\'ve intentionally left them in Microsoft Word format so  they can be modified by sister Housing Authorities for their own use.

If you have any questions regarding anything you see here, please feel free to contact us.  Also feel free to let us know if the policies have been useful for your Housing Authority, or if we can post something else you might need.

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file icon Travel PolicyTooltip 02/28/2009 Hits: 2960
file icon Safety Award ProgramTooltip 02/28/2009 Hits: 2533
file icon Public Comment Policy Ver1Tooltip 02/28/2009 Hits: 2290
file icon Procurement PolicyTooltip 02/28/2009 Hits: 2266
file icon Pet PolicyTooltip 02/28/2009 Hits: 1669
file icon Pest Controll PolicyTooltip 02/28/2009 Hits: 2559
file icon Oxygen Fire Safety PolicyTooltip 02/28/2009 Hits: 2855
file icon Maintenance PolicyTooltip 02/28/2009 Hits: 2725
file icon INTERNET POLICYTooltip 02/28/2009 Hits: 2553
file icon Investment PolicyTooltip 02/28/2009 Hits: 2567
file icon Incident ReportTooltip 02/28/2009 Hits: 2676
file icon Hazardous Materials PolicyTooltip 02/28/2009 Hits: 2788
file icon Disposition PolicyTooltip 02/28/2009 Hits: 2076
file icon Check Signing PolicyTooltip 02/28/2009 Hits: 3788
file icon Reasonable Accomodation FormsTooltip 02/28/2009 Hits: 2482
file icon Drug Free Work Place PolicyTooltip 02/28/2009 Hits: 2964
file icon Declaration Of Immigration StatusTooltip 02/28/2009 Hits: 3278
file icon Pet Lease AddendumTooltip 04/23/2009 Hits: 2364
file icon Carbon Monoxide PolicyTooltip 06/03/2010 Hits: 2504
file icon Ethics PolicyTooltip 03/15/2012 Hits: 2276
file icon Facilities Use PolicyTooltip 08/21/2012 Hits: 1899
file icon Grievance ProcedureTooltip 08/20/2014 Hits: 1009
file icon Employment ApplicationTooltip 11/28/2016 Hits: 563
file icon Standard Lease AgreementTooltip 06/07/2017 Hits: 2553