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GCHA is issuing this Call To Action! We need your help!

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Our four hundred gallon original water tank is leaking. The tank is located on the 7th floor at Saratoga Towers. We need to have this tank replaced by two, two hundred gallon tanks as soon as possible. We have maintained the original tank for years with the leaks and now we know it has become increasingly imparative we replace the tank.

The cost of the tank is $24,000. However, as a great a challenege as this is, we will face even greater challeneges should the tank fail completely. The building was designed so water can flow from the tank, through the plumbing and down 7 floors to the rest of the building.  Should the tank fail, we could have an uncontrolled dumb of 400 gallons of water going into living quaters on the floors below the tank. This could cause us to face not only the costs related to replacement of the tank, but also many damaged apartments, common areas and having our residents displaced from their homes. We've been very lucky this far the tank hasn't leaked and to a point we can't handle; however, we know we must replace the tank before we have a true emergency on our hands. 

As you may be aware, our government funding has been cut year after year. This is why we are reaching out for help. We do not have the funds available to replace this tank and appreciate any donation you can provide. 

Please consider helping us before this becomes true devastation and a true emergecny. 

Please take a moment and check out our web site or call and talk to us. We'd be happy to tell you more about what we do, who we help and how you can make a difference.

All donations are welcome!

24,000 people at $1.00
4,800 people at $5.00
2,400 people at $10.00
960 people at $25.00
480 people at $50.00
320 people at $75.00
240 people at $100.00
48 people at $500.00
24 people at $1,000.00
1 person at $24,000.00